Welcome to Mother Pearson's. I'm Germaine Monroe and I curated this wonderful company along with my daughter Della LaShaun. How we came about this brand was pure beauty & love... love for family, love for beauty, love for our beautiful grandmother.

One summer day, while visiting the home of our grandmother "Mother Pearson" who happened to be a very well known and respected elder of the community in Harlem NY, so much they named the building she lived in for over 40 years after her, we couldn't help but swoon over her youthful looks. Mind you, our grandmother was 101 years young at the current time. We were amazed at her gorgeous hair and her wrinkle-free, vibrant skin. After hours of picking her brain and discovering her beauty secrets, we had a vision of making our own hair anointments, made of natural ingredients and essential oils. We went back home to Atlanta and began creating these products in our own kitchen. Out of all of this came MOTHER PEARSON'S HAIR & BODY ANOINTMENTS... along with the best natural brushes to take care of your mane, 101 strokes a day just like grandma used to do.

Fast forward to 2018, MP is currently headquartered in our hometown Cleveland Ohio and we're adding new products frequently.

Our products consist of ingredients such as ylang ylang, coconut oil, rosemary, raw honey, jojoba oil and more. WE DO NOT USE any chemical or synthetics. We keep it natural.

Feel free to reach out and give us your experience with Mother Pearson's. We'd love to hear from you!